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The most important day of your life, the perfect dress, the decoration, the place, the music. She is completely beautiful, like the first time you saw her. He still has the same smile that you fell madly in love with. At this moment no one else matters, only you two. You two are approaching the altar, a tear of happiness escapes. Many feelings escape. You wish you could freeze this moment forever. To be able to remember this magical moment forever. That's where we come in. We will take care of freezing all those feelings, emotions and magical moments for you, forever.



Hi there, we are Cristian  & Mary.

We're lovers of travel, the beauty of light, delicious ceviche, and the art of capturing moments. Apricity is made up of two photographers.

We capture moments, mostly in weddings, sometimes family sessions, senior portraits, events, or really anything under the sun. 

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